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What is there to know about Sokorra Lewis?

Well, that has been my pen name for close to seven years now, ever since I decided to start writing stories and putting them online. I’ve written all my life, but only in the last seven or so years have I really gotten into writing. Although I admit most of it is fan fiction instead of original, but I’m working my way into original and hope one day to publish my own novel.

On this livejournal (and it’s mirror community at Dreamwidth), you will see updates for any story I am currently working on, updates to my sites in general, fanart, icons and original art and fiction that I work on. My more personal entries involving my life and my ideas are located on my other journal, Ladybeth.

I’m 23 years old, and a graphic designer in training. I like to create websites and play around in Adobe, although my graphics are not all that great at the moment (see the "In training" comment)

I write in several fandoms, and there is always a chance I will write more. Most of my fanfic can be found on fanfiction.net (under the same name) but I have a few stories on more specific archives (see list on bottom). I write primarily het and gen fic, and the majority of my fanfic will be rated PG-13 or lower. Anything rated R or NC-17 (Unlikely, but in case I do write something of that rating) will have a strong warning. Please do not click unless you are over 17 with fics marked with that rating.

All fanart and Icons are rated G or PG at most.

I can take requests. Prompts are always enjoyed, but please take into consideration the fandoms I write and the types of fics I write. I was once asked by someone to write an NC-17 Martha/Lex PWP. I don’t write PWP at all, and it will be unlikely I would write NC-17. Also I am only a reader in the Smallville fandom. I had to refuse this request because of that.

I was nominated in the 2006 Isis awards for Obsession (did not win) and a 2007 Stargate Fan award for The Date (also did not win). I am very thankful for the nominations.

I’m always on the search for betas and any constructive criticism is valued here.

As of August 26, 2007 all original work will be kept behind a friends lock. In order to be added to my friends list, please comment on any of the public entries saying such and add me to your own. I will most likely add you (I love meeting new people here).

This is in order to protect my stories. All past posts are most likely public and I won’t go through the process of flocking them as a couple have fandom related material. If you would like to see some of my original material I have posted my stories on FictionPress.net and my art on DeviantArt as Korra.

For more on me, please visit these links:

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